Searching For The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

beach wedding dress

The height of romance in this day and age can be encapsulated in the vision of the beach wedding, where the sand and sea work together to create the surreal backdrop for couples in love to recite their vows.

Finding the perfect beach wedding dress that will add to the vision that the destination inspires is important considering that the more conventional designer wedding dress simply will not work in this type of setting.

Taking the time to consider the free flowing and elegant characteristics that will allow the dress to play off of and sparkle against the scenery of the beach will provide a wedding that will undoubtedly live up to and nurture all of its endearing qualities.

The ideal dress type will be one that elicits the dreamy response that the occasion calls for.

A white or cream colored dress is a strong choice because the pure color hue will catch facets of the white or earth toned sand as well as the different variations of blue that adorn the sky and ocean waters.

Be sure to have a beach wedding dress that deals with the issue of transparency under the bright light of the sun by adding another layer of lining underneath, and be sure to wear a shorter dress style if the sand color isn’t white in order to avoid the discoloration many colors of sand can cause.

Prints and patterns, and bright colored fabric can be used so that the bride becomes a human flower by mimicking the colors of paradise while being surrounded by the natural elements of the environment.

Regardless of the color choice, materials that are soft and feminine will mirror the feel of the occasion the best, and a simple dress with a delicate line of crystals or beading will shimmer against the water and reflect the light of the sun.

Think of natural cotton, silk, or chiffon and let these types of textiles set the stage. _________________________________________________________________


Also in keeping with the specialized theme, focus on dresses that highlight a spaghetti strap, off the shoulder, or strapless style that will be perfect for the warmer temperature of the beach.

An empire waist gown will give off a goddess allure, while a mermaid gown that hugs the body until it flairs at the knee will conjure up visions of the ethereal woman of the sea.

Either way, the feel of the moment is carefree and intimate, and as long as the material and print bring this vision to life, then the dress will become a living breathing part of the wedding as a whole.

Another dress that is fitting is the “Holoku,” otherwise known as a formal Hawaiian wedding dress with a flowing train. The overall style is a little conservative in that it incorporates a high neckline with long sleeves that is adorned with lace.

The perfect beach wedding dress will be simple in design and embrace material that flows freely in and amongst the chosen locale in order to resemble the dreamy individuality of the day.

A bride in search of this particular dress will not have to look far to find a wide variety of choices that can be used to enhance and compliment the colors of the sand and the sea. It brooks no argument that it is a dream to be asked to become a bride to begin with, and that a beach location is the stuff that dreams are made of, so why not go for it and let the dress seal the deal for the dream wedding as well.

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