3 Sizzling Beach Wedding Hair Styles

Beach wedding hair styles, while still lovely and beautiful, have to be dictated to by the surroundings they are beholden to.

For example, the last thing a bride needs when holding the grooms hand with the shadow of the bright blue sea to her right and the sparkling sun looking down upon her is to have the wind blowing her bangs across her face every time she tries to recite her vows.

After all, there’s nothing really endearing about having to hold hair down, or worse allowing it to flow wildly about while the romance of the occasion is upstaged by the unruly hairdo.

Fortunately, there are a few styles that will maximize the stunning factor, and minimize the elements of the chosen location.

The first look is the traditional bun that sits high on top of the head, and can be adorned with either a circular scrunchie made of flowers, a tighter colored band that has wedding hair jewelry such as crystals, beads, lace or flowers cascading down the neckline, or a very simple thick ribbon in a singular color that mirrors the tropical setting.

This hairdo does well against the beach air because there is no chance that the hair will sweat and mat against the back of the neck in the hot summer sun.

Also, the wind will not stand a chance against a well constructed bun, but will take the jewelry that hangs down and gently rustle it which will give off the look and feel of a whimsical wind chime blowing in the breeze.

The next look is to allow the back of the hair to flow freely while pulling the front up, or braiding the bangs back, or using hair gel to make it lie flat against the scalp. _________________________________________________________________


It is best to get a greater idea of all of the ways to do this by perusing pictures of wedding hairstyles either in leading bridal periodicals or on the internet.

As with anything else, the ideas are endless so the best thing to do is to take a trial run with the chosen hairdo at least a few days before the ceremony.

See what different beach wedding hair styles do out against the sand and the sea air and get a clear idea of what allows the beauty of the hairstyle to be revealed without having it dominate the day when it finally arrives.

Another great look for wedding hair design is to pull the hair back and down as if a low pony tail were going to be stated, and then curl the remainder of the hair tightly against the nape of the neck.

Then pull thin strands of hair from the front of the forehead and dramatically sweep them to the side in a wide side bang that hugs the face and is anchored securely by the side of the ear.

Then take a couple of wedding hair flowers and tuck one between the ear and the side bang, and one at the base of the pony where the straight hair meets the curly locks.

When the bride is facing her guests, one singular flower will stand out, and when the bride is facing away, a mirror image of that same flower will give the picture of pure elegance and understatement at its best.

The beach is a wonderful and magical place to have a ceremony and bind two people together for life, but it is also a place where bridal hair can be led astray if left to its own devices.

Fortunately, as many brides have gone before, so has the wisdom that allows for new brides to learn from the mistakes of others and adjust accordingly with regards to beach wedding hair styles, what works, and what works even better.

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