Belk Bridal Registry

Belk Bridal Registry Belk Inc. is one of the largest privately owned department store chains and Belk Bridal Registry has been in existence since its inception in 1988.

With 306 stores occupying 19 different states, Belk itself has pulled in an excess of 2 to 3 billion in sales each year and employs an astounding 18,000 employees.

With the tradition and style of this store and the purchase of an entire division from Saks Inc., the successful redesign of the bridal registry and new in store kiosks on September 15, 2008 has placed this chain at the very top of our registry list.

For brides looking to be a little more selective and choose a higher end retailer with which to partner up with for the duration of their wedding and all of their registry needs, Belk Inc. carries with it a powerful name and a host of items to choose from.

Home furnishings including bed linens, smaller kitchen appliances, tableware, crystal, and specific china are the stores mainstays, with celebrity endorsed product lines becoming more popular.

One such line that debuted in 2008 was ladies accessory collection by Kristin Davis of Sex and the City Fame.

Another key element to the Belk, Inc. way of thinking is to have particular and very well recognized brands to choose from.

With regards to home furnishings they have partnered with Biltmore Estate, Mary Jane’s Home, and Ralph Lauren to name a few.

As far as designers are concerned, the bridal registry is proud to link itself to the likes of Kate Spade, Wedgewood, and Vera Wang who is highly recognized as a well sought after designer of wedding dresses.

The Belk Bridal Registry site offers all of the standard bridal registry merchandise to shop and acquire, but it also has a FAQ section that allows a bride or groom to view answers to any questions they have.

Also, there is another heading entitled 'get inspired' that offers tips, advice, and trends for couples tying the knot. _________________________________________________________________


There is also a gift selection tool, a registry checklist, a way to contact a personal store consultant if you so desire one, as well as the Belk gift planner which helps organize and provide further detail to the size and scope of the gifts you wish to choose from and have guests pick out at your request.

Within the tips and advice sections, a bride and groom can find relevant articles on everything ranging from planning, to showers, to handling the in-law’s, to cutting costs and even color trends for the season.

In addition to general information, Belk has designed further articles on how to choose some of the more complicated merchandise such as China, Silver, and Crystal.

These articles can be invaluable to a new bride because if she is going to choose to have her guests purchase these types of high end items but does not really know all that much about them herself, she can avoid mistakes and be sure that she is getting exactly what she wants, instead of finding out later that her lack of education in the area expertise that Belk, Inc. specializes in kept her from getting the pattern or design she preferred.

If you are having a traditional wedding and would like a bridal registry that mirrors and echoes that sentiment, then Belk Bridal Registry is the way to go.

The name itself has been a mainstay in the southern states of America, and its acquisition of the Parisian lines from Saks, inc. make it a powerhouse that is hard to ignore.

It is well known for its brand name items and other lines trusted for their quality and substance. The chain has a very strong reputation for being customer driven and oriented, and has a high ranking with regard to customer satisfaction.

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