Bloomingdales Bridal Registry

“Bloomingdales Bridal Registry is the perfect place for newlyweds to build thier home because our consultants are like personal shoppers who can help you dress your home just the way you build your wardrobe.”

This is the quote from the director of the registry at Bloomingdales and it sums up exactly what they are all about.

In fact, this registry as well as the store is so inbred for many of its aficionados that it is more about a way of life than simply a department store to purchase merchandise in.

They even have a nickname for frequent shoppers affectionately known as “Bloomies” and are extremely aware of the latest fashions and trends.

The fact that they have been able to stay well ahead of the latest fad curve is what makes this high end store and registry something to talk about.

One of the really enthralling incentives that this registry offers besides insider information and coupons to take advantage of upcoming deals is the live events they hold for their customers.

In order to offer a leg up to brides, they hire professional to come in and organize specific events so that couples can gather and meet others who are in the same stages of planning. This allows you to surround yourself with people of like mind as well as have a professional in the industry to answer questions and guide you in the right direction.

Bloomingdales Bridal registry is not necessarily for brides who want to be practical or even budget conscious, but is instead a place where people are encouraged to be fanciful.

The experience is designed to be high end, but also original and stand out with regards to home life and home décor.

Maybe you are after something a little more flamboyant, or maybe even a little excessive, well in this case that is more than okay and this registry is all about fulfilling those fantasies. _________________________________________________________________


Not only can you use the in store option for this retail giant as well as the online features they have available, you can also register for Bloomingdales bridal registry through the wedding channel which makes for an even higher user friendly environment.

This store has exclusive items with their own brand, as well as higher end brands in most every type and style of department available.

They have bed and bathroom essentials, fine china, tableware, kitchen aides and small appliances, as well as a wide variety of upscale accessories, keepsakes, and furnishings to choose from.

With quality and durability being a trademark it is hard to think of any item in particular that you might require that they wouldn’t stock.

They have taken the time and energy to procure the finest professionals to be at your beck and call, as well as making sure that you and your guests will be aware of and can take advantage of any sales they do offer.

In addition to all this, a personal thank you manager is appointed from day one who will take note of who buys what and will draft and send thank you notes once the big day is behind you.

For all items you chose that were not purchased, you will be offered a 10% discount for up to six months after the wedding date as an added incentive to try and give you the best chance possible to have your dreams fulfilled.

They will also give you a complimentary card to enclose in your invitations citing them as your bridal registry and letting guests know right away where to shop. They have also partnered with their vendors so that each time a guest picks their items, a percentage will be donated in your name to charity.

This is what the director meant when she insisted that Bloomingdales is more than a store, but is really a way of living and that every bride should take advantage of Bloomingdales Bridal Registry.

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