Highlighting Bridal Hairstyles - 4 Hot Tips

Bridal hairstyles have gained the most from the combination of the wedding industry and the sheik world of hair design because there are so many choices for a bride to now choose from.

Regardless of the general shape of the face, there is a hairstyle that meets and exceeds that challenge and brides everywhere have never looked so good.

Our first hot tip comes in the form of the chignon, which is really a stylish version of a whole set of wedding hair updos that are currently all the rage for wedding fashion.

For the do it yourselfer this would entail parting the hair down the middle fron the front of the forehead back to the crown.

Take the remaining side and lower hair to the right and pull into a ponytail at the base of the neckline and secure.

Weave or braid the ponytail in a loose manner and then secure at the bottom when done.

Be sure to loop the stray ends so they do not have fringes sticking out and secure again, and then twirl hair above and below until a bun is apparent and clip onto place.

If this technique for styling wedding hair is too difficult to achieve, Jessica Simpson and hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves developed a full line of clip on chignons that come with instructional videos and are easy to use.

The half up wedding hairstyle takes the next spot due to the fact that it allows for the best of both worlds with regards to long and short hair design. This great look also allows for hair jewelry which can be anything from a small clip, to a longer barrette, and then on to all different size of tiaras and crown, and of course the bridal veil. _________________________________________________________________


The front of the hair, or the up part can be worn slicked back and straight, parted down the middle, or over to the side in a sweeping bang.

The next tip with regards to bridal hairstyles are the use of the clip in pony tails that are available on the market, or taking long hair and researching different types of pony tails that may fit the celebration.

A pony tail can be worn high on top of the head with hair that hangs straight or curly, down low at the base of the neck with the same two styles, or over to the side in a side pony that would be a great accent to a strapless wedding gown.

All of the above can be adorned with ribbon, lace, or various decorative options that will bring the level of the pony tail up to the elegant style needed for a wedding.

Short or long hair that is either pulled entirely back along the scalp line, or is simply pulled back to the crown, with straight or spiraled hair dangling around the facial features will round out the list and provide even more options for the selective bride.

The whole idea is to take the face and frame it with a strand or a multitude of strands that are straightened for a more sophisticated look and feel, or curled for a more traditional romantic look and feel.

Due to the fact that bridal hairstyles are so versatile these days, brides are lucky in that they are no longer limited to the same conventional style that everyone else must wear as well.

Whether the hair is long or short, or curly or straight, there is a style to fit every personality and allow a modern day bride to really stand out and shine.

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