Bridal Shower Games To Play

Besides the wedding, bridal shower games to play are probably the second most looked forward to event. Getting married is the one thing that all of us ladies look forward to irrespective of country, religion, caste color or creed. It's that one defining moment in all our daily lives.

With marriage looming on the horizon the days are spent planning and organizing all those million little details that go in to making the wedding the perfect one.

Bridal showers can be planned well in advance, and the themes and ideas for them are almost limitless. There are a number of fun bridal shower games and bridal shower activities.

Some bridal shower games to play can be wild and whacky, whereas others can be cute and corny. But whatever be your choice, this is your day to have loads of fun. Bridal shower party games are of several types. While selecting, use your imagination, as the list is vast. _________________________________________________________________


Have you played a very simple game called “Consequences?”

Usually played at the school level, you can spice it up a little by making it a bit naughty. The game involves all players sitting in a circle, with each having a paper and pencil.

Each player then writes the name of a guy right on the top and then folds it up so that the name cannot be seen, ensuring one fold only. Pass the paper to the person sitting on your left.

The second person writes the name of a girl, folds it down, and passes it again. Make up a list of questions as you go along.

The first two questions have already been mentioned, that is, writing a guy’s name and a girl’s name. The next questions can include the following: what was she wearing; what was he wearing; where did they go; what did them do; etc.

Once the questions have been answered, fold up the paper and pass it to the next person for the next question.

At the end of about 10 questions, the paper is then unrolled and read out. Needless to say, the result is hilarious. There is a plenty of scope to be wild, funny, naughty, nice, cute, corny, silly, or even plain crazy.

You can also play the bridal shower party games outdoors, of course depending on the kind of space you have, and play Treasure Hunt, an old yet fun game with funky clues and innovative twists. Try your own version of “The Amazing Race” game on TV within your city.

These are, of course, just a few ideas about fun bridal shower games, but there are lots of bridal shower party games available on the Internet these days. Find games that are not going to trample on someone’s sensibilities. The aim is to have fun, not poke fun at others, right?

Look for those bridal shower games to play that are not very expensive, can be easily carried out, and are liked by everyone. Have fun but don’t empty your pockets doing that.

It is the time to enjoy, girls!

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