Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers can be fun events with some innovative bridal shower ideas. There are several ways to celebrate this event. All you need is imagination and creativity and an attitude to match.

Bridal shower traditions must be included when you are planning a shower. Traditionally, the bride’s mother would host the bridal shower, but nowadays, the maid-of-honor and bridesmaids also contribute toward organizing the event. Unlike those weddings that are formal in nature, these events are spontaneous with off-the-cuff ideas and themes.

Bridal shower etiquette requires you to invite those guests to the shower who have not been invited to the wedding. Decide whether your shower will be “girls only” or a modern “Jack and Jill” variant. Bridal shower etiquette also demands that your list of things for those who want to give you gifts, especially if you have an online registry, must comprise both expensive and inexpensive items.

The best place to get good bridal shower ideas is the Internet. There is a wide variety of themes from which you can choose, keeping in mind the one that fits your budget. There are conventional themes, which are, of course, nice but may be a tad boring. You can even try those traditional themes of the 1940s or 1960s.

Planning a bridal shower requires one to have a kind of daredevil attitude. Go modernistic; combine your gifts and theme so that the guests know what they can bring for you. _________________________________________________________________


Some bridal shower ideas can even include giving your guests a room each so that they know what the room lacks and can gift you something in that regard. Or you can plan a holiday theme, especially if your wedding is around the holiday season. Be it beauty, travel, kitchen or whatever, the choices are endless. Planning a bridal shower just needs you to be creative.

If your budget will support you post wedding preparations, then your shower need not be so practical oriented. You can include things like a beach shower or a spa afternoon.

Look for bridal shower guidelines on the Internet, which will give you a range of bridal shower ideas and how to manage and execute them efficiently and effectively, including games and decorations, which are part and parcel of any bridal shower.

Bridal shower ideas are immense. Almost anything and everything can be an idea when planning a bridal shower. You have to devote some time and effort to planning the shower and take care of the little details, such as invitations, bridal shower favors (a “must-do” in bridal shower etiquette), thank you notes, etc. Ensure that the food is in keeping with the theme and takes care of guests, especially those who may have eggs/nuts allergy issues. These are small details, which go a long way in showing the guests that you care for their wellbeing.

There is immense scope to go naughty when planning a bridal shower. Of course, you must ensure that your invitees are the people who have a sense of humor. Try for some offbeat themes, such as a jungle theme or lingerie theme or even a “luau” costumed theme. Your bridal shower ideas should be such that the event is remembered long after you are married.

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