Create Fashionable Bridal Shower Invitations

bridal shower invitations Traditionally the bridesmaid or maid of honor is supposed to handle the bridal shower invitations, but in this day and age conventional wisdom sometimes takes a backseat with regards to the overall planning of the nuptials.

Creating fashionable bridal shower invitations separates the decision making process between no nonsense information, and just plain nonsense. That way, regardless of who takes responsibility for this aspect, success will be able to be realized in a timely and cost effective manner.

In many ways, the personalized stationary necessary to announce the bridal shower will need to address the same questions and issues as the wedding invitation cards themselves.

Sometimes, the same wedding software that is being used to create the main invites, will also offer different sections within their site such as a particular collection or theme or overall color format to choose from.

This online store is attractive as the bride can get input as well, and as long as bridezilla doesn’t appear, the maid of honor may find it far less stressful to know that the invites will be a perfect extension of the entire theme due to an additional opinion as opposed to going it alone.

The location will be the first thing to decide upon, and as it is normally held anywhere from one month to within two weeks of the wedding, be sure to choose early so that specific sites that might need to be booked in advance will still be available. _________________________________________________________________


For example, a “spa day,” will need to be reserved ahead of time as there are a host of details that have to be sorted out in order for a spa to accommodate a larger group well before the arrival date and time.

Addressing whether or not the party will be co-ed is next, and while this event used to be strictly girls only, as with everything else, times have changed this thought process.

A “Jack and Jill” shower is the catch name assigned to this type of celebration and will instantly let guests know that male attendance is acceptable.

One of the main reasons to host a bridal shower is so that the guests can give presents to the bride and groom that will ease the burden of starting a new life together and get the couple off to a good start.

Be sure the bridal shower invitations contain a couple of places the bride has registered, and always have smaller items that cost less included on the list so that guests with a tighter budget can still find something nice to purchase even if their funds are limited.

The Party favor is another optional element that may or may not appeal to the bride. It can be as small as a box of candy for the attendees, or cost a bit more money in the form of jewelry or a keepsake that will serve as a memento and conversational piece for future gatherings.

The bridal shower invitations can be a fun and flirty precursor to a relaxing and delightful party if handled correctly.

While there are the necessary things to address, there is also a great amount of room to do something unconventional and entirely unique if all parties are in agreement.

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