Bridal Shower Menu Ideas

The bridal shower menu is a very important detail in any bridal shower. Fortunately, there is unlimited choice as far as food is concerned in the world today.

Depending on your budget your menu can be anything from burgers and fries to exotic Japanese, Chinese, and even spicy Indian cuisines. The options are plenty as you can go for finger foods or desserts or even a high tea of sorts.

Bridal shower food ideas can be sourced from many places and people. Your grandmother just might come up with some traditional ideas that will surprise your guests. Ask your friends who have attended or recently had a shower. Get details of what they did, how they worked it out, and what pitfalls to look out for. Their experience just might save you some money.

You also need to decide the timing of the day when you want your bridal shower to take place, that is, morning, mid-morning or a bridal shower brunch, lunch, high tea, cocktails, late evening, or even dinner.

Are you planning a full-scale meal or just hors d'oeuvres or it is going to be sit-down meal or buffet? These are details that need to be worked out, as your decorations will then be planned accordingly.

The whole theme of your bridal shower should be reflected in the d├ęcor, the bridal shower menu, the table settings, and the total ambience. You want to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day, right? _________________________________________________________________


Once the time of the day has been decided, you can plan the actual menu. You must keep a few things in mind when you plan the food.

The first people to cater for are vegetarians and anyone with allergies. Next ensure that if there are any diabetics in your guest list, there is adequate provision for them. Your bridal shower menu should completely be based on your guests. Imagine going to a dinner and not being able to eat?

Once you have decided what your bridal shower menu will be, you can move on to looking at bridal shower cake ideas. The cake can take care of desserts, or if you want, you can have a separate dessert menu. It depends on your personal preference. Your cake should be big enough for the guests so that if they want to take an extra piece, they can. The cake can be of your choice, as you are the bride and it is your day.

If you are a friend who is planning the bridal shower as a surprise for the bride, then you really need to work every little detail carefully and ensure that secrecy is maintained at all times.

Trick the bride into giving away her choice of a bridal shower menu. Talk her into giving you clues of her likings, of her dream bridal shower, etc. Try finding if she has any special tastes, any special ideas she wants to carry out, any specific bridal shower cake ideas, etc. Use all this information to make her big day special and worth remembering for years to come.

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