Bridesmaids Dresses 101

bridesmaids dresses Thankfully the days of the bridesmaid standing next to the bride looking like a mauve colored cupcake have been forever placed on the backburner in favor of a host of fashionable style trends that are taking the lead.

In fact, bridesmaids dresses can enhance and compliment the entire look of the wedding ceremony if designed properly.

While it may be true that the bride needs to be the one who outshines the rest of the party, it is also true that if the bride herself would not feel comfortable wearing a particular dress, then the women in her party should be offered the same consideration.

In the end, the wedding itself will be a more relaxed and stress free atmosphere if the bride’s number one support team (otherwise known as the bridesmaids) feel comfortable and beautiful being an integral part of the special day.

One of the first things to consider is in regard to the season in which the dresses will be worn.

If the wedding is outside for example, the dress should mirror this feel in both the color and fabric choice, and the dress should reflect this. The same holds true for a winter wedding.

Be sure that the dress fits the time of year and the venue and the bridesmaids will be much more at ease.

Another thing to take into consideration when looking at bridesmaids dresses is the size and general pallor of the women involved. _________________________________________________________________


Of course, it will be impossible to find a dress that suits everyone to the same degree, but working with the general idea that certain body types may have a harder time looking good in and wearing particular types of fabrics and colors is the way to be sensitive and open to finding the best dress possible.

Some considerations for larger women would include darker colors which are more sliming than the traditional pastels and material that doesn’t cling the figure too tightly.

Casual material such as blended cottons or chiffons are the preferred choice of late due to the fact that they flow freely, and allow the bridesmaids to have increased fun and overall movement throughout all of the festivities.

Also, the current rationale for dresses is that they no longer have to be floor length, and that it is perfectly acceptable for the hemlines to come up a bit.

Out of all of the strides that the bridesmaid’s movement has made in the last few years, it is the notion that not all of the dresses have to match in color or style that has caused the greatest amount of joy.

In fact, it now appears in poor taste to have all of the bridesmaids gowns perfectly matched.

Just be sure to take a trial run by planning a shopping trip to a few bridal stores so that some boundaries can be drawn, and everyone is on the same page with regards to preferred tones and styles.

Or if time does not permit getting together beforehand, at least get some fabric samples or paint color samples so that the ladies can choose within a set of particular standards to insure success and avoid one person having a different definition of pink which can lead to an awkward situation later.

In order for the wedding day to be a true success, all of the guests including the wedding party need to enjoy the celebration wholeheartedly, and that is especially true for the bridesmaids.

To that end, there are a number of trends emerging with regards to bridesmaids dresses that will help to make sure that the women who will stand up and share the day will be as comfortable and stylish as possible.

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