Cheap Fall Wedding Invitations

The best way to get cheap fall wedding invitations is quite simply to make them yourself. The great thing about this is that they can be incredibly simple, so you don’t have to spend months carefully crafting just a few of them.

Having a fall wedding means that you can use the gifts that nature has given you as part of your invitations. For example, it’s not hard to think of the colors that you are going to need, such as browns and oranges, since they’re all around you during the fall. You don’t have to create something too spectacular; you should let the theme and your design speak for itself, so let’s have a look at a few ways that you can do that:

1. Color

As mentioned above, the fall colors are easy to find. You should be using browns, oranges, and hints of gold and dark greens can work, but be careful that they don’t over power the other colors. Really you are looking for a sort of bronzed chocolate look, which will make your invitation stand out and instantly make your guests think of the fall.

2. Paper

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on, it’s the paper for your cheap fall wedding invitations. It might be a little more than you would want to pay just for paper, but it’s going to be much cheaper overall. A high quality paper makes a big difference between an invitation that is fairly regular, and an invitation that is incredibly appealing. For the fall wedding in particular, look for heavier paper with a more natural feel, since this will suit better with the colors that you are using.

3. Decoration

You can use all sorts of decorations such as gold leaf, which works amazingly well when incorporated into a fall wedding invitation. Also think about using graphics of pine cones or autumn leaves. Try not to be too heavy on the graphics though, since it may get a bit complex. Simplicity is best, and gold leaf is a perfect way to compliment a simple cheap fall wedding invitation.


Try ribbons or bows with your invitation; obviously don’t make them too lavish but little touches can make the big difference. A nice thin ribbon wrapped around the invitation and knotted in a traditional fashion can really make your cheap fall wedding invitations pop. _________________________________________________________________


Those are just four ideas to help you with your invitations. Remember, creativity and patience will be rewarded by an absolutely stunning invitation, so don’t just settle for second best.

If all else fails, you can always order pre-made invitations, or just go for a simple design with an expensive finish.

It all depends on the style and formality of your wedding; remember, your invitation sets the tone for the whole day, and it’s the only way your guests are going to know how seriously you are taking it.

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