Make Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Out Of This World

costa rica honeymoon One of the best things about a Costa Rica Honeymoon is that it has all of the beach amenities that other more upscale island resorts offer, while remaining just a little easier on the pocket.

Also, there are many other eco-friendly activities that are native to the island which offer a niche to couples who appreciate things such as hiking and sight-seeing.

For most newlyweds, just being together in the beach inspired surroundings will set the stage for love and romance and provide a stress free and relaxing escape for the first week or so of married life.

Besides the sand and sea pastimes that include snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing, there are also guided evening walks, hiking trails, as well as honeymoon resorts that offer the finest in dining and spa treatments.

Be sure to do some homework on each individual area’s rainy and dry season as they can be known to vary due to the unique ecosystem of the land itself.

One of the top rated honeymoon resorts is the Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge which is nestled right up to the rainforest itself.

This is a place that takes the traditional comforts of telephones and televisions and replaces them with quality activities that encourage togetherness and romantic interludes that connect the couple to the surrounding environment.

This hotel in particular has four day honeymoon deals that include transfer flights, meals, and first rate accommodations and guided tours to the national park and nearby island.

Another exotic honeymoon location is the Lost Iguana which has all of the tropical island flair as well as a front row seat to the small eruptions that occur from the natural island volcano within the site of a couple’s private balcony. _________________________________________________________________


They have specialized suites available that offer in room hot tubs or garden showers, and the utmost in leisure activities with a pool side masseuse available for couples upon request.

If natural surroundings and wildlife equate to the ultimate Costa Rica honeymoon, then the island's parks and beaches will provide that and more.

Tabacon Hot Springs is just one such spot that can offer intimacy and romance while remaining in the heart of a natural rainforest.

Canopy tours and evening hikes that show the dazzling lava flow from the volcano are ways to experience a different kind of nightlife with a loved one within the island feel of a place that offers top notch honeymoon getaways at a pretty reasonable price.

Every couple’s idea of luxury and definition of escape are different, and that’s perfectly alright when cherished moments are in the making.

The most import thing to remember about the Costa Rica honeymoon option is that it is more for those who want to interact with nature and live a little outside the normal accommodations while still being pampered and catered to.

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