Crate And Barrel Bridal Registry

Crate and Barrel bridal registry has been likened to the Pottery Barn, without having the Pottery Barn prices.

They specialize in a designer style that leans towards being warm with an emphasis on comfort and offer a wide variety of furnishings that remain modern both in tone and feel while staying cost friendly at the same time.

Young working professionals are drawn to this type of décor and that is helping to place this registry in high demand.

One of the ways that Crate and Barrel separates itself from other bridal registries is that it offers special events that are held at the stores and pertain specifically to anything and everything a bride could ever want to know about with regards to the registry industry.

Also, they accomplished a mass marketing blitz that included advertising in Martha Stewart weddings, The, and other major media vehicles and outlets.

Every weekend for a couple of hours in the morning at certain stores, the location is shut down to all except brides and their fiancés and they are gifted with a complimentary party that includes champagne, finger foods, cupcakes and goodie bags.

For brides who register at the event, hand blown heart shaped glass bowls are given as free gifts. The event is then topped off with bridal industry specialists who show the couples what items to choose that best suit their styles and needs.

Other perks that the Crate and Barrel Bridal Registry website include in your quest to find the best possible merchandise are a list of the top registry items, a video log in partnership with The knot that shows four actual couples going through the registry process, access to your registry on Facebook, a complimentary wedding website exclusively about you and hosted by, and last but not least free bonus gifts from All-Clad and Calphalon. _________________________________________________________________


The online store is impressive and although they have in excess of 100 physical locations, it is where you can really get an idea of all it has to offer.

Their departments include but are not limited to furnishings, dining and entertaining, kitchen and food, bed and bath, decorating and accessories, and organizing and storage.

As an added bonus, you will get updates about the lines that you have chosen in order to be sure that you get all of what you wanted, instead of just a few things.

For example, they will often only run a limited edition of a specialized china pattern, and if that is the one you selected, they will flag your information and let you know when the supplies are getting thin so that if there are key pieces you are missing, you can purchase them before they run out of stock and the print is no longer available.

Crate and Barrel is a store that is a representation of all that is hip and trendy with young urban professionals at the moment and so is the crate and Barrel bridal registry.

Often dubbed the poor man’s Pottery Barn, it still has everything a modern bride could ever think to ask for and at a price that will not put guest’s wallets screaming in agony.

There is a strong mix of lower priced items as well as larger furniture pieces if family member’s want to go in together and purchase some pieces which will really help the bride and groom get a great start towards married life.

The company was already popular due to some savvy print advertising, and the recent foray into television has really placed this store in the top ten with regards to the bridal registry industry.

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