Dillards Bridal Registry

If you don’t happen to live in one of the 29 states that Dillard’s department stores occupy, don’t worry, Dillards bridal registry is extremely user friendly and has many perks for the modern day bride to take advantage of.

As well as having professionals to help walk you through the process if you are physically inside one of their locations, the online resource center has an online guide to help you accomplish the same goal.

A registry report which makes a personal note of such things as who the buyer is, what has been purchased, the quantity of the items bought, and finally the date that the transaction took place on makes creating thank you cards an easy process once the wedding date has successfully come and gone.

Also, another exciting feature of this site is that it offers complimentary gift announcement cards that will enable someone to purchase something that takes a while to come in and utilize that as the gift itself until the real deal arrives.

This is a fabulous invention as guests will not have to make purchases strictly based on what is in stock and as such can really choose an original piece even if it will take some time to get it to the happy couple.

Not only does the Dillards Bridal registry remain open and available for up to 18 months after the day of the nuptials, they also go above and beyond and offer a discount or all items that were flagged but not purchased in case the newlyweds would like to still be able to get the things they wanted at a reduced rate.

On larger items a ten percent discount will be in effect, but on other selected options a twenty percent reduction will be in effect one month after the wedding day and can be used within two months after that. _________________________________________________________________


Another noteworthy bonus comes in the form of the return policy which allows for the return of items in exchange for others or a gift card that has the same value as the gift itself.

In this case, if you are gifted with something that you found out later was not what you really wanted, you could exchange it to better suit your needs or use the gift card to purchase something entirely different.

This department store is for the high end consumer and has many reputable brand names to shop from.

It is more exclusive and upscale than some of the other bridal registries but their approach is very straight forward and simple which makes it a great bet for a new bride to be.

In fact, if you are an avid shopper at the store in general, there is an opportunity in their rewards program to redeem special shopper passes as well as earning an elite membership status which gives you even more perks and bonuses with regards to the merchandise you select.

Some of the specialty selections that the store can provide are in niches such as crystal, china, silver, tableware, and glassware.

In addition to these fine items Dillards bridal registry offers merchandise with regards to bedroom necessities , bathroom essentials, a wide variety of linens, small appliances, and certain kitchen aides.

If you are unsure as to what to chose, avail yourself of their registry checklist to be sure that you will have all that you need to start a home together with your new life partner.

One small tip they offer is to try to start your registry at least six months before the date to insure that the guests have ample time to fulfill your requests, and so they have ample time to help you prepare for such an exciting part of getting married.

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