Save Money With Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

do it yourself wedding invitations In this day and age, taking the initiative to try new things has not only become more acceptable, but also something that is now highly encouraged.

For couples looking to procure the best possible deal in order to save money for their special day, do it yourself wedding invitations are a perfect way to fulfill that goal.

Maybe the savings created will provide a little extra cash for a one of a kind honeymoon, or generate a higher budget for another important wedding day must have like the dress or cake.

In any case, do it yourselfer’s will find the inspiration necessary to acquire personalized stationary by following a few straightforward ideas.

The nice thing about obtaining a mini education with regards to do it yourself wedding invitations, is that it's easy to follow what is already offered in the market, and compare it to what can be done individually to insure success.

For example, within the do it yourself niche there are wedding invitation templates where you can use an already pre made system and tailor it to address personalized specifications.

There are also businesses dedicated to working with printing needs such as Kinko’s who will take all of the details presented and transfer them on to the chosen paper style for a fee

Or you may decide to choose from one of an array of stores that sell paper that a home printer can take allowing you to print them off yourself.

With regards to using a printer to aid in the do it yourself process of creating invitations, the first choice to make concerns the paper itself. _________________________________________________________________


A printing store will be able to show all of the samples that are obtainable, with the different color and texture options available including vellum which can be perfect as long as drying time is taken into consideration.

Once you have decided on the paper you will then need to take a couple of test pages home so you can experiment with various fonts, letter sizes, bold or color variations, and the italic key that automatically converts written text into a beautiful italic print with just the touch of a button.

Taking this idea to the next level includes adding some more touches that can make the wedding invitation a unique expression of the planned event.

In this instance a stamp set would provide endless possibilities to accentuate the written text. Use a designer’s eye and play with colors that coordinate such as a deep black lettering adorned with a silver stamp or seal to generate a sophisticated look.

Or maybe use a playful approach that couples a lavender colored text with a single white daisy stamped on the top of the invite and subsequent cards.

Take your time and let your imagination provide the roadmap to a final creation.

With the invention of so many methods to fashion one of a kind, do it yourself wedding invitations, many bride’s and groom’s are asking if it is necessary to spend the additional money to obtain a professional printing business to handle the workload.

If a substantial saving outweighs the extra time necessary to do it yourself, and the look that can be generated is as desirable as a certified printing expert, the answer is a definite yes.

That way, the next set of considerations can be placed on just where that extra money can go.

Maybe to Bora Bora?

I’m just sayin’….you never know!

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