How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

When you’re trying to figure out how to dress for a summer wedding, you’ve got to be careful. The last thing you want to do is to outshine the bride, or cause some conflict, and whilst this is unlikely to happen, it’s worth thinking carefully.

You need to consider the overall tone of the wedding, for example whether it is formal or informal. If you’re the one planning the wedding, then you should make it clear just how formal you want the wedding to be, because it’s the only way your guests are going to be able to regulate what they wear.

The bride and groom should also set a clear theme that guests can follow, so they don’t feel out of place when it comes to the wedding day. Once a clear theme has been set, it becomes much easier for the guests to decide which colors to wear and what styles to go for.

For female guests, it’s a good idea to take a clutch bag with you. These are highly popular right now, especially for contemporary summer wedding attire, and it’s likely you’ll see others holding various styles of clutch.

The great thing about taking a clutch is that you can choose a style that makes you stand out from the other guests. It is a small statement that won’t overpower the bride or bridesmaids, but will make you stand out. _________________________________________________________________


Another idea for female guests is to wear a bolero, one that is fairly chic, to add a little bit of class to your outfit. This is just another simple way of making your outfit stand out ahead of some of the others.

You may want to consider wearing a necklace, and a big one at that. You obviously don’t want to be choosing something too garish, and it’s going to depend on the theme, but a stunning necklace is a great way to make your dress “pop”.

Women should also consider their hem line when they dress for a summer wedding. Obviously it’s going to be hot and you might want to show some skin, but it’s not a good idea to go too low because it may lower the tone. Then again, don’t go anywhere near the length of the bride’s dress, as this is just a huge faux-pas. It’s a good idea to go for a compromise between the two extremes.

Another idea would be to wear florals on your dress, especially bright and bold ones. These will make you stand out, but you need to wear them well, or you might stand out a little bit too much.

Overall, when you dress for a summer wedding, you’re trying to keep away from any ostentatious clothing or accessories. Choose things that are going to accentuate your look, not create a whole new one.

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