Choosing Fall Flowers For Wedding

When you’re trying to pick your fall flowers for wedding then you’re probably going to be wondering how best to approach this potentially monumental task. It’s not going to be easy, and you’ve got to have quite a lot of patience, but there are a few things that should help make the process about 100 times easier for you.

Having a fall wedding is glorious because it gives you so much more flexibility than other times of the year, and you can create truly dramatic displays with seasonal flowers.

Fall is all about nature, ripening fruit, and the harvest, so you should be looking to use those themes throughout your wedding, and especially in your flower arrangements.

Let’s take a look at some of the flowers that you might consider for your wedding:

Mini Calla Lily – This is probably the most popular flower for fall weddings, giving you immense beauty in the perfect colors for the autumn months. You get these glorious burning orange colors and reddish tinges that make the flowers dramatic but also very deeply warm. They are stunning on their own, or in a flower arrangement with different groupings.

The Hydrangea – Another popular choice that is perfect for fall flowers for weddings in the autumn months. They come in beautiful shades of color and they’re actually cheaper than the Mini Calla Lily mentioned above. You can pick them in almost any color, but you’re probably going to want to look at the darker colors with hints of orange and red.

Roses – A classic for any wedding, but still one that you should consider for your fall wedding. There are roses with much deeper, more brownish, colors than the red roses we are so used to. You can also mix the colors for something really special. Roses continually pop up in fall flower arrangements for weddings all over the world. _________________________________________________________________


Those are just a few of the flowers that you should definitely consider using. You can either use them individually, or group them together. This is where a professional flower arranger will come in handy, but if you want to do it yourself, you should still be able to make stunning displays with the right flowers.

Try to go for quite a natural look with your bouquets. This means go for flowers that aren’t all bright and bold, it just won’t look right for a fall wedding. Choose colors like browns and reds, and anything bright like orange should only be hinted at in your flower arrangements.

Decorating your bouquets should be a great deal of fun, especially for a fall wedding. You can use wreaths of natural fall leaves, or decorate with ribbons in a variety of shades. Whatever you choose, fall really does give you the opportunity to create some absolutely stunning flower arrangements. The colors really are to die for.

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