Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall wedding bridesmaid dresses are always a tricky decision. The last thing you want is for the bridesmaids to overshadow the bride, and yet it’s tradition for the bridesmaids to have more color in their dresses, which can create problems if the bride is in something very pale like white or ivory.

That being said, picking a fall wedding dress for the bridesmaids that will be at your wedding doesn’t have to be a painful experience, it’s supposed to be fun and something that you can enjoy with your friends.

You need to just know a few little tips and tricks to help you take your bridesmaids dresses from just average to absolutely spectacular.

Let’s take a look at some of these tips; while most of them may not be exactly what you want, you should adapt them to your needs and desires, use the ideas for inspiration as much as anything else.

The first thing to do is to consider the type of weather that you’re expecting for your wedding day. Obviously you’re going to expect it to be quite cold, and you shouldn’t be holding your breath for some sun, but fall weather can be quite unpredictable, so you can’t just take it for granted. It’s going to depend largely on your location, but you probably want to avoid lighter fabrics like silk, and go for something that’s a little heavier. One tip would be to go for fall wedding bridesmaid dresses that are sleeveless, so you can use wraps or shawls as part of the style, and also for being practical because of the weather. _________________________________________________________________


The next thing you should do is try to pick colors that are going to reflect the season. Fall colors are dark reds, browns, bronze, etc. they aren’t bright or bold colors like you would expect at a summer wedding. Because of this, choose colors that you feel match the theme of your wedding and the season.

Chocolate works brilliantly as a color for fall bridesmaid dresses, while a deep shade of red can look stunning.

Try to accessorize with your bridesmaids. If you can, use accessories that reflect the season of Autumn, and obviously go well with the dresses you are looking at. Small clutch bags, handbags, or wraps are little extras that can make all the difference to the collective look of your fall wedding bridesmaid dresses.

Obviously you’re also going to want to talk to your bridesmaids before you make a decision on the style. Some may have concerns dependant on their figure, and so you should consider a style that is going to look good on all of your bridesmaids, not just a couple of them.

If you try to remember the importance of making your fall wedding bridesmaid dresses as seasonal as possible, you’ll be fine, since they will fit with the theme of your wedding whatever happens.

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