Fall Wedding Cakes

Choosing from a range of fall wedding cakes, or designing your own, isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. If you want the perfect wedding cake, you’re going to have to put a lot of effort into making it as good as possible, and that starts with making it fit the seasonal theme of your wedding.

Make sure you look at some fall wedding cake designs either online or offline before you start the design process, because this should give you some inspiration to help you make your decisions.

If you don’t do this, you’re going to be running at the whole process quite blindly, and unless you have a designer do all the work for you, you’re going to struggle. That being said, let’s take a look at some of things you can do to turn your fall wedding cake into something truly memorable.

One great way to impress your guest is by using seasonal decorations on your wedding cake. Things like small pumpkins or gourds are particularly popular among people making fall themed wedding cakes, because they reflect the season in which you are getting married.

Now, you don’t want to use these decorations actually on top of your wedding cake, but there’s plenty you can do to incorporate them into the overall style that you create. You can use autumnal flowers to create wreaths and then integrate the pumpkins into them, using them to frame the base of your cake. _________________________________________________________________


A popular fall theme wedding cake often has autumnal fruits placed either on or around the cake. Since they are edible (and hopefully fresh) these definitely add flavour and character to your wedding cake.

Since many people have wine-themed weddings, they often use grape clusters or vines to frame the cake, and these are great for creating a more regal and traditional look.

Aside from those types of decorations, leaves are your friends. Autumn is all about leaves, and many fall theme wedding cakes use those leaves to create a stunning wedding cake display. You can link them together to create patterns, or just scatter them around the display. Either way, the color of the leaves will help reflect the seasonal nature of the wedding.

Whenever decorating your cake, make sure any colors you use are autumnal. This means using rustic colors like darker reds and browns, while staying away from colors like blue or green. In this case, decorating isn’t that hard, you just have to look outside (or look at pictures) to see what colors are prominent during the season of autumn.

Other props can be used to reflect the season, with oil lamps being quite a popular choice; they can hang from different areas and give a warm type of light to the ceremony. You might also want to use candles, but this may depend on the theme you have chosen.

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