Fall Wedding Themes

There are plenty of different fall wedding themes that you can choose from, all of which will have their own unique style. When you try to plan your wedding, it’s tempting just to pick a theme and then run with it, making sure you fit everything else around the theme that you have chosen.

The problem is, when the theme starts conflicting with certain aspects of your wedding that you never considered?

What if the theme is not nearly formal enough for your wedding? All you’re going to end up doing is ruining your wedding by choosing a theme that doesn’t properly reflect what you wanted in the first place. _________________________________________________________________


It’s very tempting to go for something that’s going to stand out, but have you considered what impact the theme might have on other parts of the wedding? Let’s take a look at a few fall wedding themes that you could choose:

autumn 1.Autumnal

Obviously any fall themed wedding is going to be fairly seasonal, but you may want to go with something that is only focused on the seasonal, rather than having other aspects to it. You can use the autumnal colors of brown, dark red, and yellow, to create a truly stunning setting for your wedding.

In terms of decoration, you can use some of the natural aspects of the season, for example using leaves scattered around the pews in the venue, or using wreaths of autumnal plants in your displays. The autumnal theme is classic and traditional, but also has plenty of flexibility if you want to make it “pop”. Remember to use colors that are warm, but not dark – there’s a big difference.

harvest 2.Harvest

Autumn is the time of the harvest when farmers gather their crops prior to winter. The harvest is a celebration of the natural food that we eat, and you can incorporate this into your wedding very easily. Use things like wheat and barley in your decorations, and you can even use food, for example pumpkins, to liven up your displays.

This is a less traditional theme, but is perfect for people who want to feel at one with nature. If you create a proper setting, it can be absolutely stunning, and not too far distanced from the standard Autumnal theme, just with a little more panache.

halloween wedding cake 3.Halloween

You might not have even considered this, and if you haven’t it might not be for you. However, the Halloween theme for a fall wedding is surprisingly popular, and is a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit more casual than usual. You don’t have to make it incredibly scary, you can just make it a little bit spooky, but it all comes down to personal taste, and whether you think your guests will like it.

Those are just 3 out of hundreds of potential fall wedding themes that you could choose. The season is incredibly flexible and you should be able to find something that allows you to feel unique, without going too far out of left field.

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