Choosing A Fabulous
Fondant Wedding Cake

fondant wedding cake The fondant wedding cake is perhaps one of the most popular methods for crafting a fabulous wedding day cake available to purchase on the market today.

In fact, there isn’t really another technique that comes close to being able to produce the high quality concepts that modern day brides are looking for except maybe butter cream.

Either way, fondant is an amazing new tool that has completely raised the bar for an endless amount of possibilities with regards to decoration and wedding cake design.

The Basics: As a medium for creating beautiful wedding cakes, there are two types of fondant that can be used.

The first and most visible is the rolled version which is completely flattened out to produce a thin layer that can be draped over the outside of the cake to form a smooth outer cocoon that can be molded and shaped into many different forms.

The second type is referred to as poured, and has the consistency of syrup and is mainly used as a sweet tasting filling.

The two main ingredients of a fondant wedding cake are sugar and water, and as such, although cheerleaders of butter cream suggest that fondant doesn’t taste very good, it far surpasses its challenger in overall appearance and versatility.

Wedding cake decorations are easily sculpted and placed against the firm yet silky background of the fondant to create splendid works of imagination that mirror art.

Fondant can be used as a foundation in which to connect elaborate features to it or it can be air brushed to resemble just about any conceivable pattern or design imaginable.

The sugar filled icing can be rolled out to ¼ of an inch, covered over an unfinished cake, pressed out until level, and then trimmed to provide the perfect overlay. _________________________________________________________________


It is an easy substance to work with but, but dries out in less than five minutes flat if not kept at room temperature so all blueprints must be ready to be constructed and acted upon in order to get the desired results. It is also important to store in a airtight container if it cannot be used all at once.

If it dries too much, it can be placed in the microwave and gently heated until it becomes soft and pliable again.

A few things to consider when working with a fondant cake include the look and feel of the cake to insure that it is a true reflection of the couples planned event, the necessary size of the cake in order to feed the correct number of guests, the appropriate silhouette, and the decorative enhancements.

These enhancements may include cut outs or borders, scrolls and other elements necessary to pull a design together.

For example, for a fall wedding cake, the fondant could be airbrushed in a cool silver color, and accented with beaded crystals to create a wintery effect.

Cake makers have taken the fondant wedding cake to new heights and given brides everywhere the maximum amount of choices with regards to decoration. As a result, if a bride can envision a particular kind of cake, fondant can make it happen.

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