5 Knockout Honeymoon Ideas

honeymoon ideas The main things that couples need to decide with regards to honeymoon ideas are how much they can afford to spend, how much time they have to vacation with, and whether or not they want a relaxing, active, or combination adventure to mark to beginning of their marital life together.

Whether the budget is limitless or there is no budget at all, here are 5 knockout honeymoon tips to get the creative juices flowing.

First, let’s consider the multitude of honeymoon cruises to choose from. One thing that separates this type of trip is that many of the meals and activities that would normally have to be cost analyzed separately are all inclusive and as such may end up costing less than a place where every dollar has to be looked after to avoid overspending.

Also, many of the lines offer different price breaks for different packages. Some optional benefits that may cost extra include use of spas, casinos, and special shows.

Another great proposal for newlyweds is the honeymoon villa.

These special and more intimate rooms are usually found on island getaways such as Fiji, Bali, Acapulco, and St Bart’s just to name a few.

This would definitely be considered at the higher end of budget, but for couples who have saved for this, it is well worth the price tag.

The main thing going for them besides the beach activities which are both relaxing and active are the fact that they are private, and sometimes the finest honeymoon ideas are ones where the couples can really connect to one another without any outside distractions.

Next on the list are the all inclusive honeymoon packages.

These work much like the cruises in that a couple will be able to plan out exactly what they will be spending money on which really helps when there is a strict budget to adhere to. _________________________________________________________________


Places like Sandals can be a slice of heaven due to the fact that many of them are for couples only so that the vacation will not be disrupted by children and families, and they also offer the best pools and spas during the day, and a number of nightlife activities when the sun sets.

The next option will be all about having a lovely and more affordable vacation without breaking the bank, and Bed and Breakfasts are just the inspiration for a tight budget.

These specialized little love nests are all across the country and usually offer a cozy environment and fine dining due to the fact that a lot of B&B owners are chefs that have decided to go this route instead of the grind of slaving away in a restaurant.

It will not be hard to find one for just about every price range imaginable.

Last but not least, remember that it is the marriage and the new connection of two souls that is really being celebrated in a honeymoon.

If the budget is so tight that most things are off the table, consider taking time off work and staying home together in a way that focuses on romance.

Turn the phones off, take long baths or showers together, read in bed, sleep in late in each other’s arms, watch romantic movies and order in.

Make your new home a mini-sanctuary and create a relaxing atmosphere that will be as memorable as any trip.

The focal point of great honeymoon ideas still needs to be centered in and around the couple, and not the trip itself. Above are five ideas with all types of price tags attached, but the trick is to take each possibility, and think outside the box until the how much, and the where equal the dreams of the newlyweds themselves.

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