3 Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Night Spectacular

honeymoon night The honeymoon night should be thought of as the ultimate date night where a couple sets the mood and lavishes affection and attention on one another to make the night as special as the wedding itself.

It is often the first opportunity for a couple to be alone and should be celebrated in a slow manner to savor every minute of finally living within the framework of man and wife.

The first thought with regards to creating a spectacular night is for the happy couple to be whisked away to a honeymoon destination that is not too far away.

Whether it is a resort or spa or simply an extended stay somewhere the two people have always wanted to see, there is something magical and freeing about jetting off to another location that has nothing to do with the everyday activities being left behind.

Holding hands on the plane and looking out the window at the place of arrival will begin to set the stage for a romantic evening to come.

Regardless of the ultimate destination, call ahead and be sure to let the place know that newlyweds will be arriving. Many times champagne or wine can be ordered for honeymoon suites, as well as a decadent desert that can be eaten together like chocolate covered strawberries.

Traditionally, the wedding night is a special one that the woman can take advantage of to show off her sensuality and desirability.

To this effect she has probably already purchased special evening wear called honeymoon lingerie that can be bought as a set when the wedding gown is purchased, or separately in special boutiques that carry such sheer and lacy garments. _________________________________________________________________


Many women prefer to purchase a long flowing robe over a more form fitting option so that there is a layering effect that adds to the mystery and allure of the evening at hand.

Husbands can also purchase plush terry cloth robes that are visually appealing and both soft and warm to the touch to add an additional romantic element to the honeymoon night.

A heartfelt honeymoon gift is yet one more way to make the first night together both memorable and spectcular.

Imagine getting to the destination, taking a shower to get ready for what’s left of the night, and seeing a box lying on the bed from your newly betrothed.

It will set the tone for many more things to come and will melt the emotions of any man or woman being gifted in such a spontaneous way.

If money is an issue, don’t forget that even the gift of a poem or song on a compact disk that is played only for the loved one on such a special occasion will make all the difference.

When considering what to do to make the honeymoon night as special and meaningful as possible, try to remember that it’s the little things that usually carry the biggest impact.

While a pricey object will impress, a less expensive one that requires thought will be just as effective in the end.

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