4 Fabulous Honeymoon Vacation Spots

honeymoon vacation spots Honeymoon vacation spots and being able to partake of the charming and intimate places in the world that cater to couples are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those individuals who have made it through the planning and execution of a wedding day.

Of course there are hundreds of hot spots to focus in on, but four destinations in particular are worth taking a closer look at.

With the success of the hit movie Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane, exploring a honeymoon in Italy shot to the top of the list as a place that is rich in scenery and a prime location for romance.

Florence, Venice, and Rome are not sloppy seconds either with their historic sites and dreamy atmosphere.

April to June and September to October offer a milder version of the hot climate and far less tourists to occupy the same spaces, while August should be avoided all together due to the fact that it is traditionally a month where many local vendors, hotels, and attractions close.

Festivals are great places for couples to connect and learn the culture, and historic features such as the Coliseum and the Pantheon take site-seeing to a whole new level.

Taking a honeymoon in Vegas is perfect for the couple that may not have the funds to travel over-seas, but want to experience a little bit of everything while remaining in the States.

Many of the hotels in the Las Vegas area offer upscale dining, health clubs, and full day spa amenities that will give couples the retreat they aspire to. Also, the great thing about the strip is that it brings the world in all its glorious forms to the tourists who travel there as if they were really visiting all of the honeymoon vacation spots as opposed to just one. There is a replica of the Eifel tower, an Egyptian pyramid, and even gondola rides on a man-made canal inside the Venetian. _________________________________________________________________


The Firefly Mustique Hotel and Resort even sounds lovely and sets the stage for the perfect Caribbean Honeymoon.

Its location high above the Caribbean Sea with expansive visuals of the surrounding islands as well set it apart as the “fantasy” it claims to be.

For a couple staying at the resort, there are a multitude of specialty items that include small motorized buggies in which to travel around the exclusive beaches in, baskets full of all of the beach essentials, iPods with preselected musical options, and private picnics with no additional fees.

If you are a couple that values fun and fancy free activities over island getaways, a Disney honeymoon may be in order and a place that prides itself on being the happiest place on Earth may be best possible choice.

You can arrange to start off in style with a limo trip from the airport but make sure you plan meal packages, and park ticket packages well ahead of time.

You can even get a Disney honeymoon advisor to help plan all of the activities that are available as the exploration of the magic kingdom begins.

Picking and choosing between equally inviting honeymoon vacations spots can be challenging, but with a little research and planning, a couple can spend the first days of their married life in an out of this world place that provides the utmost in fantasy living and a complete retreat from daily reality.

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