Make An Engaging Honeymoon Video

honeymoon video In this day and age there is an ever expanding market for the honeymoon video, which is becoming a popular expression to put on the internet, or made simply as more of a documentary of the trip for friends and family.

In the tradition of movies like when Harry Met Sally and shows like How I Met Your Mother, couples are having fun putting their stories on video for the world to share in their special tale.

To begin with, the best honeymoon is one in which both couples are fully engaged. If one half of the couple does not want to be filmed in the morning just as he/she wakes up so that the whole world can later get an idea of just what that looks like, then that type of privacy should be respected.

By the same token, whether the focus is on honeymoon photos or videos, the best ones are usually not planned for, but are more spontaneous in nature where the hair and make-up are not perfect and the event of the day does not look like it was scripted.

Some of the top honeymoon destinations have the most incredible scenery and not making a video to show the loved ones who were left behind seems almost criminal.

Be sure that the batteries are fully charged before any great outing, and have plenty of extra cassettes or recording devices necessary so that when you arrive at the hot spot, the video recorder is ready to go.

That way if something unexpected and amazing happens, it will not be missed, and no other important event will have to be recorded over to make room for the new memories. _________________________________________________________________


Recording a honeymoon video and placing it online on sites such as YouTube is extremely trendy right now as couples try to outdo one another as amateur filmmakers.

Before considering this as an option, though, be sure to go to the site itself and view and commit to the terms of use so that anything you post is in keeping with the rules of the server.

Also, spend some time learning about how to go about posting a video online so that it comes out looking good and doesn’t get ruined in the process.

Some all inclusive honeymoon locations offer a video compilation to those couples who wish to purchase one. Disney vacations, most cruise lines, and some Hawaiian destinations offer this option in the package.

In this instance, there is a videographer that takes particular footage, puts it to music, and edits it to go with the theme.

This is a more professional option than the do it yourself method, but it is also less invasive for the couple to make their own rather than having someone follow the couple around during parts of their special trip just to get the film.

The honeymoon video is replacing many of the photo albums that came before it due to the instant nature that film aspires to, and also the fact that a couple can now post their story online and share it with friends and family from all over the place without having to make copies and send them individually to each and every person who wants one.

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