Revealing The Romance In Long Hair Wedding Styles

While the up do remains the most traditional approach, long hair wedding styles can add a gentle, softer look to a simple understated gown, or a touch of the fairy princess with long flowing hair to the occasion.

It makes perfect sense then, if the bride has extremely thick, rich, long hair, she should incorporate this imagery into the overall style to put forth the best she has to offer on her special day.

One great way to accentuate this look is to incorporate a halo style crown or wreath made of flowers and allow a fully straightened mass of hair to fall like a velvet drape down the open back.

This style will also work with diamond encrusted barrettes or clips to anchor the bangs and then allow the same straight hair license to flow freely down and around the shoulders.

This look may also be adjusted if beach wedding hair styles will be a dominant theme and longer hair is still desired.

In this instance, the trick is to find a way to make the halo tight enough to keep the hair out of the eyes, and to tack the sides of the hair by the cheekbones with a small little jeweled clip, so that the rest of the long hair style can do its thing.

It is important to note that no matter which choice is preferred for long hair wedding styles, the desired selection will need to be put together and staged well before the actual nuptials to get a feel for the hairdo and whether or not it will be practical enough while remaining beautiful.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to another popular option, and that would be the one that highlights curly wedding hair styles. _________________________________________________________________


This is where the image of the princess truly comes into play. Long, silky, rolling tresses at shoulder length or longer just steal the show and draw the eyes to that design.

A tight one color chocker band around the neck will make the hair appear even longer, and the straight horizontal line will play off of the curly vertical one to provide contrast and visual interest.

Tiaras, combs, and hair pieces all provide the perfect singular accent to be worn with any of the multitude of choices with regards to wedding hairstyles for long hair. This is because the hair can become too distracting and busy if adorned with a large number of items and the balance and proportion of wearing the hair down will become out of balance and overwhelming.

A bridal veil hanging down and mimicking the line of the hair will also help to complement one another as the sheer fabric in white delicately showcases the hair beneath.

Long hair wedding styles are experiencing a revival due to young singers like Taylor Swift dominating the scene and showing how the romantic look can be such a warm visual that it goes along with the general feel of a wedding day, and adds a supple look to any bride whether the long hair is worn in a curly or straight manner.

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