Macys Bridal Registry

Macys Bridal Registry Macys Bridal Registry is ranked amongst the very best and most popular in the industry and the red star logo is known for the quality of the merchandise and the stylishness of the items that are carried and sold.

The reason this registry is such a strong choice is due to the wide range of products that guests can choose from when picking out a gift. Presently, it has anything and everything a new couple could want for their home and that alone places it high on our list of recommendations.

If a bride and groom want to find a higher end retailer to handle their wedding registry, but one that still offers plenty of cost saving discounts, then Macy’s is the way to go.

At the time of writing, the store offers 5% back on all merchandise purchased after the wedding and 10% on items that are needed for the wedding itself and, as an added incentive, this site also offers to donate to a charity of the couple’s choice each time a gift is purchased by a guest.

Macys bridal registry also has a special set of tools designed to help with the wedding process itself as well as information on how to choose the best possible gifts to place on the registry.

These specific management tools and advice sections will really make it easier for couples to navigate the whole planning process as well as sharing valuable details about the site itself which makes it easier to navigate and utilize. runs the site for the Macys bridal registry which is an added bonus for many of the consumers because it offers an additional set of free tools that come with the partnership. _________________________________________________________________


These include but are not limited to online checklists, local resource listings, a budget calculator, and even a search for special songs to be played at the ceremony. They also give complimentary enclosure cards to place inside the invitation packet so all of the guests know exactly where to go get their ideas and utilize the registry that’s been chosen.

A personal customizable wedding website is also set up for each couple which can be a valuable asset for guests to help them make purchasing decisions. It serves as a great place for a bride and groom to get to see the details of their special day front and center where the attention is entirely on them and they can put out information and details of their choice.

There is a place to upload personal photos, a guest book, guest travel and hotel accommodation information, and event description and timeline. There is also an online scrapbook that can be designed and placed up on the web for everyone to see.

In essence Macys bridal registry is a great site that is nestled in between a more budget friendly site, and a high end site. Consumers are well aware of the brand names that are carried in the store’s physical locations and that type of quality and brand name recognition give an unspoken nod of credibility to the website choices as well.

The sip and scan events have grown in popularity and at certain stores around the country, brides and grooms can attend specific wedding related parties that have complimentary food and drinks that are offered as well as meet professionals that come in from the industry to shine even more light on the wedding planning process.

This is the type of attention to detail that has taken Macys bridal registry and turned it into one of the leading places for brides and guests alike.

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