The Mother Of The Bride Dress - All You Need To Know

mother of the bride When sorting through the multitude of mother of the bride dresses, it’s important to note that while the mother should look elegant and well put together she should in no way overshadow the bride on her big day.

The sexy outfits should stay in the closet, and a more understated, blended style option should be utilized instead.

With that said, it is important for the mother of the bride to take her rightful place in the wedding party and while stealing the scene may be off limits, shining in her own right is essential.

Style Search: Although the mother of the bride dress should stick with the same general color tone as the mother of the groom, her dress should not be too matchy matchy with regards to the color of the bridesmaids gowns.

Instead, she should seek to mirror the style that the bride has chosen for the overall wedding party.

Is it going to be a romantic wedding, a themed wedding, or a more unconventional affair? The answers to these questions should lead the way. _________________________________________________________________


Color Your World: Black, white, and cream are off limits for obvious reasons, so stay with a dress that compliments the skin tone as long as it is in keeping with the bride’s vision and does not clash with the primary wedding colors.

Talk before you take the walk: Before taking a walk down the aisle in a dress that looks like it belongs at a different occasion, talk to the bride to get the best possible representation of her vision so that a fashion faux paux doesn’t ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Don’t wait: As soon as the bride and the bridesmaids have chosen their individual dresses and styles to wear, don’t hesitate to begin the research and review each each mother of the bride dress for as long as it takes to get the right one.

This way, if the chosen dress is in question for any reason at all, there will be time for the bride to have input, and even more time to find an alternate selection if the first dress is not deemed acceptable.

Grin and bear it: If the bride chooses a dress style or color palette that is unpleasant, it is not in bad form to make a slight suggestion for an alternate choice.

However, if the bride has her mind made up, it will be necessary to grin and bear it for her benefit. The bride will hopefully only get married one time, and the support of those around her will make for a more confident, jubilant bride that will ultimately make for the best celebration possible.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and when dealing with complicated issues that arise when contemplating which mother of the bride dress would be best, taking the time to make sure everyone is on the same page will ensure that the party is smiling in each and every photo.

Yes, there are a few rules to follow, but there is also enough room to play to make this aspect of wedding planning both fun and delightful.

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