How To Shop For Plus Size Wedding Gowns

plus size wedding gowns Women who are larger in size are constantly struggling to maintain and or lose weight. Unfortunately, as soon as the wedding announcements hit the mailbox and the hunt for the dress becomes a full blown reality, trying to shop for plus size wedding gowns can set the destructive pattern of losing weight into go mode.

Instead of a full figured female getting to revel in the fact that she has been chosen to be someone’s blushing bride, thoughts of all the punishment and sacrifice she will have to endure in order to fit into a dress rule the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that thought process could be thrown out entirely and replaced by one that noted that while weight loss may be a life long struggle for some, a wedding day is a lifelong commitment to love and be loved regardless of the dress size.

Now that it has been established that weight loss is not the way to go in order to find the perfect plus size wedding gowns, let’s have a look at some useful information that will lead to a dream dress regardless of the numbers on the tag.

First, find a seamstress and get an accurate set of measurements for your body. Wedding gown salons are notorious for carrying dress sizes that focus on the key demographic they serve, and as such it is important to call ahead and be sure that plus size samples are available for modeling.

While bridal stores that carry larger dress sizes will be a great place to get an idea of a specific style, online shopping for a larger bridal dress will increase the options available.

As long as the measurements are accurate, eBay is also a great choice as new dresses are uploaded to the site on a daily basis and many of them are plus sized. When placing an order, be sure to learn the return policy or date in case the dress turns out to be less than expected. _________________________________________________________________


Just as there are a number of designers who are known for creating one of a kind wedding dresses, there are also designers who are known for creating discount bridal gowns for a fuller figured woman. The Diamond Collection, Alfred Angelo, and Sweetheart are all designers that have signature series that cost more, as well as less expensive options with sizes that range from a 20 all the way up to size 44.

Knowing what is flattering on a more voluptuous figure is another way to make shopping for the dress less stressful.

One option is to focus on an A-line dress type that has a tight bodice, and gently flairs out to cover hips and thighs. A ballroom gown will have too much skirt and as such will do the opposite.

Also, avoid the spaghetti strap and or strapless gowns as this will call attention to shoulders and arms. Instead, the use of thicker straps or sleeves will streamline the look of the upper body.

A low waistline will trick the eye into seeing an elongated torso which will make the waist look smaller, and if the bust line is not too large, an empire waist gown will cover stomach and hips and thighs and make for a soft, feminine look.

Naturally curvy women will have the added frustration of putting aside the low self esteem that goes with the territory in order to find plus size wedding gowns. Hopefully, there is a growing awareness that a wedding day is special simply because it is a bride’s day to shine, and not because said bride starved herself into a smaller dress size.

So, if the tag on the dress shows a size sixteen or larger, put away the fears and the doubts, and say yes to the plus sized wedding dress!

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