Short Hair Wedding Styles

3 Tips To Make Them Oh So Stylish

It used to be that short hair wedding styles went the same way of the fashion world and were just not as trendy as long haired designs that placed curls cascading down around the shape of the face, or hair dos that were pulled up into elegant and sophisticated buns and braids, but stars like Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Sharon Stone have changed all that.

Wedding day hair can be all of the above now, and it doesn’t matter what type of hair a bride starts out with, because the advent of the amazing innovations that hair design companies have brought to the market makes almost any style imaginable a real possibility.

One thing to note when contemplating any new wedding hairstyles for shorter hair is the fact that the hair should not take over the other bridal elements but blend in and compliment an entire look.

Also, in order to avoid a disaster and end up living with wedding pictures for years on end that do not reflect the desired look, be sure to wear the style in question long before the actual nuptials to ensure that it looks as good out of the salon as it does inside it.

With regards to particular short hair wedding styles there are a few ways to take shorter tresses and dress them up to make for a stunning bridal look.

First, if the hair is naturally wavy, play that up by using large curlers to create a singular wave that curves in right around the cheekbone.

A simple jeweled barrette inserted towards the top of the curl and over to one side will provide an old Hollywood movie star type of glam.

Next, think about taking gel and completely straightening hair so that it is sleek and pulled away from the face. Then remove smaller tendrils that frame the face and take a curling iron with a slender attachment and curl hair into tiny little ringlets just around the perimeter of the facial features. _________________________________________________________________


This look contrasts the hard feel of the asymmetrical look with the softer flavor of the curls to the front for a dazzling effect.

If the short wedding hair styles are in question because the hair is really, really short, the best advice is not to fight it but rather go with it and go big instead.

Get a hold of a blow dryer with a diffuser, place a dab of gel on the hands and run it clear through right to the tips of the hair.

Then pump up the volume until the hair lifts and flairs out in all directions. Then, use a headband that is thicker or thinner with a row of flowers or jewels to lock the front part of the hair down while the back is allowed to stand out.

This style is cutting edge and although it sounds like it might not fit for a bridal style, the controlled chaos thought process behind it actually produces a do that is both stylish and chic at the same time.

While it may be true that a bride wants to look her best on the big day, it should also be encouraged that she should look like an improved and beautiful version of herself, and not a woman that no one has ever laid eyes on by wearing a completely new wedding hair style.

Also, she should play up her positives and look for styles that relate to who she is. Short hair wedding styles are no longer considered not feminine enough to grace the aisle, so get creative and let your woman’s intuition be the ultimate guide.

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