Choosing Your Perfect Spring Wedding Bouquet

Your spring wedding bouquet could be one of the most important choices you make, at least in terms of your own personal happiness with your wedding.

Having a bouquet that doesn’t fit with the theme of your spring wedding can be disastrous, so it’s a good idea to think in advance about what you want to do to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

There are plenty of flowers that go perfectly with a spring wedding, after all, most of them are just coming into bloom during spring, so you’re almost spoilt for choice in that area.

You’ll still probably want to check about the seasonal nature of the flowers you choose, and whether they’re going to be in all their glory for the day of your wedding. Also remember to contact your florist well in advance so that they can tell you if there’s going to be an issue with your order.

Your bouquet will largely depend on the theme of your wedding. If you’re looking for a more contemporary theme, there are obviously going to be flowers to avoid, whilst if you’re looking for a more traditional theme then you’re going to have to think carefully about your choice. _________________________________________________________________


Flowers like Amaryllis are perfect for large bouquets and decorations, especially if you’re looking for a contemporary theme. They give you gorgeous colours centering around white and pink which you can use to accentuate your bouquet, or as the most central part.

Of course, you’re also going to want to consider using Daffodils in your spring wedding bouquet. They are the perfect flower for spring and also the most popular, with dozens of different varieties.

If you’re looking for tradition then yellow is probably a better choice, while a more contemporary wedding might look for white daffodils.

In terms of your bridal bouquet, using the Peony flower could be your best option. These are particularly popular among brides because they provide gorgeous colors with a certain amount of simplicity. However, you’ll have to consider whether the Peony flower is going to be available for your spring wedding, since they can be late bloomers.

Another potentially great choice for your spring wedding bouquet would be the Freesia flower, which comes in a number of different varieties, the most popular of which is called Ballerina. These flowers offer your bright colors and are perfect for large bouquets or even headdresses.

Another good option would be to use Tulips if you’re looking for a more contemporary wedding, these are incredibly popular during the spring time, but need to be arranged well to create an impact.

Your spring wedding bouquet is a hugely important part of your wedding, but you should also enjoy the choosing process. There are so many beautiful flowers that work well with various spring wedding themes, and so you shouldn’t feel limited in your choices. Some of the ideas above will give you a great deal of inspiration and you can use some or all of those flowers in some way to create the perfect spring wedding.

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