Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is an incredibly popular time in which to get married, and you’re probably looking for spring wedding ideas to make your wedding a day to remember.

It offers you the chance to get married in one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, during a time which represents so much metaphorically.

Spring is all about rebirth and purity, offering you the chance to have a wedding filled with bright colors and beautiful decorations.

The main colors which represent spring are yellow, pink, green, and cream, all of which can be used in some way to create the perfect atmosphere around your spring wedding. It’s also important to remember that highly important days come during spring, such as Easter and May Day. Why not choose from a variety of spring wedding themes which incorporate these days, and have a wedding that truly stands out? There are some incredibly innovative and unique spring wedding ideas that you can use to have a truly memorable day, including things like having a may pole at your wedding, or using easter eggs as part of your decorations. _________________________________________________________________


Everything from your spring wedding dresses, to your decorations, can be themed to fit specifically with the time of year in which you are having your wedding. Once you’ve picked your theme, you’re going to be able to easily pick out different colors and decorations to fit with it. For example, if you just wanted to go with a simple pure spring wedding theme with a more contemporary approach, you’re going to be looking at using cream colors and perhaps the odd shade of yellow for highlighting.

These colors will give a purity to your whole wedding and will keep everything bright, which should reflect the nature of the season.

Of course, spring is quite unpredictable in terms of weather, so you’re going to have to think carefully about where you hold your wedding, what you wear, and the decorations that you use. Don’t take anything for granted, because you never know, for example, how the winter weather has affected the flowers that you might have wanted as your wedding decorations.

Spring is also a great time to have a wedding where you can get children involved. You can use an easter theme to center your wedding around rebirth and nature, using easter bunnies, easter eggs, and much more to help. Another idea, as mentioned before, would be to have a maypole which the children can play with. If the weather is right, this could be the perfect way to end your wedding.

In the articles listed below you’ll find some fantastic spring wedding ideas to bring your wedding day to life. Not only will you find some inspiration, you’ll also find ideas that you can use practically to ensure you have the perfect spring wedding.

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