Sending Spring Wedding Invitations

Sending your spring wedding invitations can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t really know how you are going to style them.

They are a vital part of your wedding, especially considering they are the first thing that anyone sees.

Your spring wedding invitations should set the tone for the rest of your wedding, and if you get them wrong, then you might struggle to steady the ship on the day. That being said, the advantage of having a spring wedding is that you don’t need to do anything too outrageous to make your cards stand out.

Spring is all about purity and nature, so you’re going to want to use fairly bright, but not too strong, colors.

Your invitation should be stylish and elegant, giving your guests a taste of the type of wedding that it is going to be and it’s a good idea to plan your invitations well in advance, instead of leaving them to the last minute, because you may find yourself rushing them instead of taking your time on them like you should.

Sending your invitations will largely depend on the choice that you made regarding your spring wedding themes. If you chose a more contemporary theme, then you’re going to want to use more modern invitations with serif fonts and a minimalist style. However, if you chose a traditional theme, you’re probably going to want to create more ostentatious spring wedding invitations, with elegant fonts and plenty of decoration. _________________________________________________________________


A great way for a more contemporary wedding invitation would be to use a daisy-related theme. Use these bright flowers to set the color theme of your invitation, but use them sparingly, because too many will ruin the elegance of the card.

A good idea would be to use a fairly transparent image of daisies that doesn’t cover the full invitation, so there is plenty of room for text and it’s not too garish.

In terms of paper, you’re going to want to choose something that is fairly light weight and soft to the touch. You should look for some high quality, handmade, paper if you’re serious about a great spring wedding invitation.

Another idea would be to use the Easter theme in your wedding invitations, but this depends on the theme of your whole wedding. Easter can be perfect for your invitations, because you can use Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and much more to accentuate the theme. Obviously this will really only work if your wedding is going to be Easter themed, as you don’t want to be giving your guests the wrong impression from your invitations.

You may find simplicity works best when it comes to your invitations. Don’t try to do too much at once, and remember that just constantly adding extra things will not help.

A good tip is to design your invitation, or have it designed, take a look at it, and then wait a couple of days. If you come back to it after those 2 days and you still love it, then it’s perfect, however you may have had second thoughts that will mean changes need to be made.

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