Great Spring Wedding Themes

There are so many different spring wedding themes to choose from, that it often becomes a bit overwhelming. However, the thing to remember is that most spring weddings have very similar underlying tones, so you’re probably not going to be doing anything wildly different from what is fairly traditional, even if you’re looking for a more contemporary spring wedding.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year to get married; you can use colors like white, yellow, pink, cream and others to create a bright and pure wedding theme that makes your day truly one to remember.

Spring represents rebirth and purity, so you should be looking at those lighter colors to fit with your theme, instead of going for stronger or darker colors.

Popular spring wedding themes include the traditional “pure spring” theme which involves a great deal of white, some yellow, and splashes of cream. This is a very traditional way to theme your spring wedding, but it is also the most popular, because it’s so classy.

It gives you a great deal of freedom in terms of decoration and attire, so that you can style your wedding to suit, but some would say that this sort of theme lacks the ability to make your wedding “stand out” from the crowd. _________________________________________________________________


A different theme that you might like to consider would be the Easter based theme. This is fairly easy to implement, and also a lot of fun.

For example, you can use an Easter bonnet instead of a tiara for the bride, and use baskets of Easter eggs as decoration.

You can get very creative with an Easter theme, but it really depends on how formal you want the wedding to be. If you want to keep kids involved and happy, an Easter theme is perfect as you could have them carry baskets of Easter eggs decorated with flowers during the wedding.

Of course, if you’re having a more informal wedding, there are plenty of more costume-orientated dresses that you could choose for the bridesmaid or even the bride.

Another theme that works particularly well is the “May Day” theme, which has attracted a great deal of popularity in recent years. The May Day celebrations are very traditional and are relatively unknown these days, so it can be very unique to use a May Day theme. You can have a maypole outside for the children to play around, and you can use ribbons throughout your theme to reflect the May Day celebrations.

There really is a world of possibilities if you’re willing to get creative with your spring wedding themes. Whilst the colors should all stay reasonably neutral and bright, there is plenty of scope for experimentation in other areas if you really want to have a unique wedding. Whether contemporary or traditional, your spring wedding should look absolutely fabulous.

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