Choosing Summer Wedding Bouquets

Making a decision about your summer wedding bouquets can sometimes be difficult. There are so many things to consider and so many summer wedding flowers that you could choose from, so you’ve got to take your time and be patient in order to make the right decision.

That being said, it’s worth looking for inspiration wherever possible, because you may find out about flowers that you didn’t even know existed.

The great thing about summer weddings is that they can be so vibrant and colorful, and there’s really no shortage of flowers you could use (after all, it’s the summer season) so there’s no excuse not to get it right.

Let’s take a look at some of the flowers you might consider using for your bouquet:

blue delphinium flowers Blue Delphiniums

Blue delphiniums are a lesser-known flower that give you some beautiful color and are perfect for a summer wedding. They work great as part of the ceremony displays and will really add bright and bold colors to the overall look of the wedding. They are tall flowers that will work well in a more contemporary style of wedding.

calla lilies Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are the most popular flower for summer weddings. They give you a wide variety of color and are perfect for a wedding that uses lots of white. These lilies also have a fabulous scent which will give the whole area a fresh summer smell. They are great for either traditional or contemporary style weddings.

red roses Roses

Roses are a very traditional choice for summer wedding bouquets. Don’t just restrict yourself to using red roses, however, because other colors are available that will add a little bit of character and originality to your wedding displays.

gerbaras Gerberas

Gerberas are a particular favorite among brides, since they are perfect in bridal bouquets. They are beautiful round flowers that are simple yet elegant.

blue nigella flower Nigella Flower

One last flower to consider is the Nigella flower, which may not be too popular, but can definitely make your wedding bouquets stand out. They give you fabulous color and work excellently with Roses, while most people won’t have seen that sort of style before.

It’s worth trying to come up with unique and creative ways to make your summer wedding bouquets. You can try all sorts of daring things, and generally they will pay off as long as you use the right flowers.

It’s worth spending a lot of time looking at different styles of bouquets, and thinking about the theme of your wedding. For example, bold blues and yellows are great, but might not work so well if you’ve gone for a very white theme.

Overall, just make sure you are very happy with your summer wedding bouquets, and the rest will fall into place.

Plan early with your florist to ensure they are going to be able to provide the bouquets at the right time, and make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute to actually sort out the arrangements of the flowers.

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