Choosing Summer Wedding Colors

Having a summer wedding gives you a huge amount of flexibility in terms of summer wedding colors. It is probably the only seasonal type of wedding where you can use big bold colors along with more pale colors to create a beautiful setting.

Most other seasons require one or the other, but because of the brightness and boldness of the summer season, there’s no need to be restricted by such rules.

But it’s important to consider the various external factors that will affect your summer wedding colors. For example, if your wedding is outside, then you’re going to want to use brighter colors that glisten in the sun, while if the wedding is inside, you might want warmer and bolder colors to be scattered around.

You should first and foremost consider your surroundings, and then from that point you can create a color palette which will give you a good idea of how the decoration will look in the end.

If you’re going for a seaside wedding, blue is going to be a prominent color. You can use a strong ocean blue as your starting point, and then start working with other colors from there.

Use a color wheel (easily found online) or just go with your instinct, but start putting together colors that you think go well with each other. _________________________________________________________________


Let’s take a look at some of the different colors that you might want to use for your summer wedding, obviously depending on the theme that you have chosen.

You might want a fresh look to your wedding, with bright colors in a “citrus” style. This would be perfect for an early summer wedding, and you’d want to use colors like lime green, shades of yellow, and brighter shades of orange.

These colors compliment each other perfectly and really give your wedding a brightness that would make it stand out. Of course, you could substitute that and go for a less bold theme that revolves around the same lime green tones. You’d want to use the lime green with shades of cream and more importantly white.

Another idea for summer wedding colors would be to go for a “sunset” themed wedding, where you focus on the colors of late summer evenings. This is especially poignant if you choose to have your wedding outside during the evening. The colors you will want to consider will include dusky greys and darker oranges.

Of course, it’s probably a good idea to just look out for the sunset and decide which colors you would like, but the main colors are always going to be oranges, reds, and yellows.

You may want to go for more “pastel” summer wedding colors. These would include pale pinks, blues, and a deep lavender which would all compliment each other perfectly. These are definitely more suited for an early summer/late spring style wedding, and give you a certain amount of freshness.

The possibilities for summer wedding colors are endless, so keep exploring and use some of the tips from the other summer wedding theme articles to help you.

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