Summer Wedding Gowns

When you’re trying to choose summer wedding gowns, the amount of information you can find could be a little bit overwhelming.

Everyone will have their own opinion about what style you should choose, but most of them won’t be considering what you actually want. They will also not have considered some of the more practical aspects about having a summer wedding, such as the potential heat and the setting of the wedding.

If you’re getting married outside, you’re going to need to adjust your style so that the dress is less flowing and doesn’t blow too much in the wind. You’ve also got to consider the heat, so you’ll need to choose summer wedding dresses that are made from lighter fabrics.

Some of the fabrics you will want to consider are chiffon, crepe, organza, georgette and even voile. All of these will give you a good balance between a light material and a stylish dress, so they are definitely your best choices.

Clearly some of these fabrics aren’t going to be covering your whole dress, but it’s a good idea to combine one or two of them to give you a lighter dress with the best of both worlds, style and practicality. _________________________________________________________________


Choosing colors for your gown can be difficult. It largely depends on your theme, but there are some pretty basic colors that you should consider for any summer wedding.

Pink and lavender are particularly popular right now, mainly just as accentuation of a more neutral dress, but they are a good way to give character.

Other colors to consider are blues and greens that reflect the colors of the season. If you’re having a wedding outside, for example, then you should definitely be looking at using blues in your summer wedding gowns. On the other hand, if you’re having your wedding inside, then you’re probably going to want to use more subtle coloring and pastel colors for the best effect.

You should consider the style of your dress carefully, since your summer wedding will require a particular style that you may not be used to. For example, a popular option is to choose a tea length dress, especially for outdoor or beach weddings. A dress like this will be both comfortable and stylish, giving you the perfect balance between the two.

You might also consider picking a gown that has an asymmetrical hem. This will give the appearance of a dress that is longer, but it won’t give you as much discomfort, especially when you are outside.

Hopefully these tips will guide you towards choosing the perfect summer wedding gowns. You are almost spoilt for choice in terms of the freedom that you have, so don’t feel too restricted by any “rules” that you think there are. Just keep trying out new styles and remember that practicality is a hugely important part of your summer wedding gown.

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