Unusual Wedding Cakes

unusual wedding cakes Wedding cake design is flourishing with the new and inventive ideas that master cake bakers are coming up with.

Unusual wedding cakes are actually becoming more acceptable and traditional cakes are becoming more humdrum.

Whether the cake is being used as a conversational piece that guests will be talking about for years, a representation of the seasonal wedding day that is planned, or just a crazy opportunity to look back on the wedding cake photos and smile at the spontaneous design, the cake itself is such a focal point for a bride that an unusual one can add an even greater sense of personalization.

The unique wedding cake is visually different due to the fact that it usually holds a particular representation that is specific to the couple.

This can include taking note of different times of the year such as a fall wedding cake or a Christmas wedding cake which may use decorations that include the color red or silver bells to fit the desired image.

If a rugged outdoor wedding is planned, western wedding cakes may be in order and a cake that has tiny figurines that represent the happy couple who stand beneath a horseshoe that looks like an archway may just do the trick. _________________________________________________________________


Beach themed wedding cakes will be the choice for a tropical wedding site and may include the use of sea shells or a treasure chest that is partially open and displaying hidden treasure.

In this industry, nothing is out of the question!

Another trait that unusual wedding cakes are aspiring to create can be found by using fillings that are unconventional and push the boundaries of what has been done before to introduce new tastes.

This can be done by combining well known fruits or going with an uncommon one like Kiwi or Mango.

In fact, there is even a beer batter filing for couples that want to really be on the cutting edge of this type of distinctive flavor.

Changing up the decoration or outer spread can also create a unique vibe and can be done by having the cake hand painted or airbrushed.

If this isn’t wild enough, consider actually having the cake represent present boxes, or a topsy turvy cake design that has tilted, off centered layers.

Last but not least, the industry is even allowing for some cake alternatives that are ultra specialized and include cupcake wedding cakes or donuts arranged on a three tiered cupcake stand, a frosted cookie cake, or an ice cream wedding cake with a funny cake topper that really steals the show.

The wedding cake is a focal point that ends up being another outward expression of a couples innermost hopes and dreams, and as such unusual wedding cakes are becoming more popular than ever.

A family heirloom, the bride’s favorite flower, or even an exact replica of the wedding dress can all be done by a talented cake master.

While it may still be true that life cannot imitate art, in the cake world art can very accurately imitate life.

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