Reduce Wedding Cake Prices In 3 Simple Steps

wedding cake prices Wedding cake prices can end up costing far more than a couple is prepared to spend, even though it is hard to look at a cake and see hundreds and even thousands of dollars in something that is made of only sugar and flour.

In this industry, time is money, and cake prices are set by the slice, and not by the cake itself, which is where the mistakes in budgeting usually occur.

A simple wedding cake with some moderate decorations and an extremely basic design will run $1 to $2 per slice, so a cake that will feed 100 people will cost between $100 to $200.

A mid-range cake with a couple of tiers, the next level in icing and an improved design will run from $4 to $7 per serving, which would put a cake for a 500 person guest list at an average of $500.

A larger more elegant wedding cake with three or more tiers, and premium icing and design will run from $8 to $15 per slice. With these types of figures, it’s no wonder that the wedding cake price tag has become a major consideration of the wedding plan.

The first great way to save money with regards to wedding cake prices is to learn the language of the professionals.

The moment that cake maker knows it is a wedding cake that is desired, the price goes up.

It is far better, then, to get a price for the cake based on an “event” first, and then reveal that it is for a wedding so that the price cannot be raised unnecessarily. _________________________________________________________________


Also, consider purchasing a basic to mid range cake for decoration, and then purchase a flat sheet to sit behind and make up the extra slices needed for the big day.

Next in the quest for saving money is to take into account the type of cake, filling, and frosting to be used.

The basic cake type resembles a sponge-like cake with vanilla, chocolate, banana, and carrot flailing being the least expensive options.

Cheesecake is more costly and can take a cake price well above $5.00 per slice just by requesting it.

As for the outer surface of the cake, butter cream is the way to go if a more cost friendly cake is in order, cream cheese takes the mid range price choice, and fondant is typically the most expensive.

Choosing the shape is the third way to save money on the wedding cake.

A round cake is far more inexpensive than a square one because it does not require a special pan to bake it in. The same is true for any other additional shape design.

If it takes more time to do, and is more labor intensive, then the price is increased because of it, so unless a heart shaped cake is a priority, save money and go with the round one instead.

Whether the overall theme of the wedding calls for a cheap wedding cake, or a cake extraordinaire, the price of the wedding cake is ultimately determined solely on serving size and as such can be budgeted with ease before going to the bakery.

This will keep a vendor from talking up a cake that is too expensive, but still enable a classy and meaningful cake to be prepared for the big day while managing wedding cake prices.

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