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wedding cake recipes Wedding cake recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and cake masters that have a following generally have specific cake recipes that they use in order to build and generate buzz for their business.

It stands to reason then, that if a wedding cake is supposed to symbolize how lovely and romantic a wedding celebration can be, how the cake tastes is just as important, and should not be overlooked in the quest to please the both the happy couple and the invitees.

In this area of cake decorating, traditional fillings and flavors are still as popular today as they have been, even though there are now many choices that push the boundaries of what is considered normal.

Traditional cakes that are easily recognized all follow the typical recipe that calls for flour, baking soda, butter or margarine, sugar, milk and egg whites.

Where cake masters and home bakers are taking this niche to the next level is by introducing and building upon the basics to create something exciting and new.

For example, a chocolate wedding cake is still the most sought after cake on the market today, and a black and white cake option is one in which the recipe calls for a layer of each so that when a guest cuts into the cake it produces a black on white color contrast that is visually striking as well as delicious. _________________________________________________________________


Popular wedding cake recipes also include a carrot cake with a cheesecake filling, a white almond layer cake, and a lemon raspberry cake that all truly taste as good as they sound.

Tropical wedding cakes may use pineapple juice as an additive to catch the flair of an island feel, while the beach wedding cake may be focused around a coconut cream pound cake recipe to mirror the theme of the big day.

When choosing a cake recipe it is important to note that the process is far more complicated than just pointing at a picture and saying yes.

Every choice made will help a cake master to really craft the cake that meets with the vision of the nuptials.

If a larger cake is in order, it will be multi-tiered, and as such, a filling will be used between each layer to add and build upon the taste of the overall cake.

Also, there are specialty recipes that can help with food allergies such as gluten intolerance, or no sugar added options if a couple has a specialized need but still wants to offer some sort of option at the wedding.

The wedding cake is right behind the dress with regards to things that the couple and the guests will be talking about long after the I do’s have been said.

In fact, many couples are going to extremes by pushing the envelope in the cake making world and expecting unique and imaginative cakes that not only have to look good, but taste good as well.

Popular wedding cake recipes are easy to find and complicated to choose from, but in the end will be just one more incredible detail that will add to the magic of the day.

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