Must Have Wedding Cake Supplies

wedding cake supplies Wedding cake supplies are a necessary and handy set of tools and accessories that enable making and displaying a cake more functional and at the same time more visually appealing.

There is no argument that the function for the particular decoration is to act as a breathtaking showpiece that bridges the gap between the ceremony and the reception and is an outward expression of the bride and groom’s style and theme.

The general supplies include the more obvious cake pans, wooden dowels or tiny circular tubes that help strengthen the individual layers as they are being stacked, and flat cardboard spacers to fit inbetween.

A pastry knife for shaving off uneven edges and creating a level tier, smoothing out the filling and molding the surrounding outer layer is another welcome addition to the tool kit.

Be sure to include a piping gun with various tips to the list which will enable the baker to create patterns and designs with greater ease.

The wedding cake serving set is a definite must have accessory, as it is what the bride and groom will use to clasp their hands together and serve up the first glorious bite with.

The knife itself and the server have different styles that have pearl or jewel encrusted handles, a more classic silver or gold option, as well as a crystal or glitter set to choose from.

There are two basic designs for the wedding cake stands which include a conventional style and a pedestal style.

The conventional includes three layers that are stacked and visually appear to cascade downward, while the pedestal is simplistic and can enhance a reception area by having color and size options that can add to the decorative feel. _________________________________________________________________


For more of an unconventional stand, the tower that is used to stack cupcakes is becoming more popular, especially when a limited budget exists.

Wedding cake supplies also include boxes in various sizes and décor that serve three functions with regards to the celebration as a whole.

The first being to transport the cake safely from one place to another, the second being to offer as a small gift box to the invitees to take with them, and the third box function is to create a safe place to freeze a particular slice as a special memento, or keepsake for the happy couple.

The wedding cake topper is by far the most important detail when discussing supplies.

Sitting high on the top as the central focal point, the topper itself can be a number of different things. Love birds, hummingbirds, a couple kissing, swans, hearts, and bells are just a few of the individual choices on the market.

Whatever is chosen to represent this particular piece, it will truly speak to the couple and symbolize their commitment to each other.

Wedding cake supplies can be used in a variety of ways to help the happy couple make that aspect of the reception both memorable and specialized.

Between the vast amount of choices with regards to accessories and decorative embellishments, wedding cakes are becoming even more of a unique expression that lasts far beyond the special day itself.

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