Planning Your Wedding Day Hair Dos Ahead Of Time

Wedding day hair dos are an essential part of the wedding planning process, and if any type of disaster happens in this area, the bride will undoubtedly have to go through the special day without the total and complete happiness she deserves.

To that end, finding the right salon and stylist, and making sure that a trial run is executed and the end result is what the bride had in mind is an essential part of a successful wedding day strategy.

In a quest to find the perfect wedding day hairstyles, the salon and a great stylist is the first and last line of defense, so let’s walk it back and start with the first step.

Be sure to go to more than one salon, as it is important in this instance to shop around.

Next, once the initial salon search has been narrowed down to two or three, spend some time in each one and watch how the stylist you are interested in interacts with his/her clients.

Also, follow your gut instincts and do not choose a salon or stylist if anything doesn’t feel right. A wedding day hair style is at stake, and a sorry after the fact really won’t cut it.

When you have the choice of stylists narrowed down to the last two, ask to see pictures of other wedding day hair dos that have been successfully completed.

A stylist that is truly worthy will have pictures to share and will be proud of them. If a stylist does not have pictures but he/she has everything else going the right way, then ask for a style sampling.

There will be a fee, of course, but it should be nominal and it will be the only way to get a preview of the skill level well before the nuptials. _________________________________________________________________


If the stylist has no pictures, and tries to get out of a sample session, move on and find someone else.

If the salon and the stylist have been chosen, go to a wedding hair gallery on the internet or leaf through bridal magazines until a few different looks are found, and make an appointment for a trial exploration.

Take the time to communicate, and do not under any circumstances agree to a certain style if it doesn’t appeal even if every person in the salon says it does. Chances are, they are all employed by the same person, and as such are not objective. If you must, get a second opinion, take a picture and send it to someone trustworthy.

On a special note with regards to African American wedding hair styles, try to remember that very few stylists have the skills necessary to know how to deal with certain types of hair.

Find a salon that caters to this niche, or at the very least a stylist who has been in the business a number of years and can really offer some specialty services such as braiding or weaving to accommodate and be helpful to the African American bride who deserves nothing but the best for her special day.

Wedding day hair dos can make or break all the careful planning that goes into months of preparation for the big event. A bride needs to feel as if she is the best possible version of herself on the day she becomes a wife, and finding the right salon and stylist is the key to success and happiness.

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