Wedding Hair

As with many of the little things that combine to form an overall look and feel that make your wedding day the cherished event it will most certainly become, wedding hair can make or break the self confidence of the bride, as well as set off the particular tone of the entire wedding ensemble.

There are definitely some distinctive dos and don’ts for this category that can really enhance or detract from the end result.

New brides often overlook the importance of the hair embellishments and accessories that they choose and just how much of an impact they have with regards to the final picture that the groom and the guests will bear witness to.

My Lavish Wedding has taken the time to study some of the hottest style trends on the market as well as some of the most important things to bear in mind and stay away from when heading off to secure a stylist. _________________________________________________________________


Whether or not you desire to wear your hair completely up, half up and half down, or down all together you will find something of interest to offer insight.

Even if you have a very limited budget you can make sure your hair looks amazing by avoiding some definite no no’s and by arming yourself with the insider knowledge beforehand.

So take some time to go through the articles below and get the wedding hair of your dreams...

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