Wedding Invitations

As you stroll through the park and look over to the bench where your fiancé got down on bended knee and asked you as the sun was setting if you would do him the honor of being his bride, you are filled with love and sense of hope about the months that will build in both workload and anticipation up to the big day.

When you stare down at a completed wedding invitation and hold it in your hands for the first time that is when the past, present, and future combine to actually give form and meaning to your wedding day.

It represents the true jumping off point, the beginning of all that will go into your style, your vision of a dream that will undoubtedly become a reality.

Here at My Lavish Wedding, we have put together a comprehensive array of information that will take you through all of the ins and out of the entire wedding invitation gambit.

We will give you all of the helpful tips and information about etiquette and proper wording as well as explore the multitude of options available to a blushing bride with regards to custom, do it yourself, and handmade invitations. _________________________________________________________________


This section has all of the information you will need to make important choices and an informed decision about the first step on your wedding adventure.

In addition to all of this, there are details to support and enhance just about every particular taste regardless of the budget you are going to be dealing with.

If you have carte blanch to put together your wedding invite, you will find specifics on how to accomplish a truly high end package. If you are on a tighter limit or even on a shoestring, you will find specifics on how to accomplish a truly high end package alternative that will not break the bank.

This is an extremely exciting time where all that is about to come to fruition is being prepared and arranged in the form of well written, properly worded and presented, stylish invitations.

It’s time to get ready so……Let’s Go!

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