Winter Wedding Bouquets

There’s a whole myriad of ways you can design your winter wedding bouquets, and yet most people don’t even realize it.

A lot of people panic about the concept of having flowers at a winter wedding. They worry that all the flowers are going to be out of season and there’s not going to be much variety available.

That’s true in a way, but there’s still plenty of choice when it comes to your bouquets, so you shouldn’t just be put off because it’s winter. In fact, there are some beautiful winter flowers that can really make your bouquets visually stunning, you just may not have heard about them yet. These include:

amaryllis Amaryllis

An excellent flower for winter weddings that is available in shades of red and white. Use the reds at the outer edges of the bouquets to highlight the display, and the whites as the central part of them.

anemone Anemone

If you’re having an early winter wedding, then it’s definitely worth consider using Anemone, which comes in a variety of different colors (hence its popularity) including blue, pink, red and white. You can mix and match these colors to create a bright and gorgeous bouquet.

daffodils Daffodils

A late winter wedding will be perfectly suited to daffodils, which will give you a bright and beautiful way of accentuating the winter wedding bouquets that you have already chosen.

holly Holly

If you’re having a Christmas wedding, then you’ve just got to have holly. Even if you’re not, it’s worth considering as it is a very traditional winter plant. It will look great as a border to your bouquets or even scattered around more centrally.

star of bethlehem Star of Bethlehem

Whilst not the most expensive flower, the Star of Bethlehem gives you everything you could possibly want for your winter wedding bouquet. It’s beautifully white and will help you create your winter wonderland themed wedding.

Tulips Tulips

These are perfect. They come into flower in mid-December approximately, and they come in a variety of colors. A very traditional flower, Tulips can be used to add color and boldness to your bouquets.

jasmine Jasmine

Although some people don’t even consider it a winter flower, Jasmine will be the perfect compliment to flowers such as Roses or Tulips, and you can scatter it around to create a beautiful winter wonderland setting. Or, you can use it for a Valentine’s themed wedding.

Those are just some of the most popular flowers. They give you vibrant colors that reflect the season, and they’ll also flower just at the right time. Remember to call your florist to plan beforehand so you know what kind of flowers they are going to be getting at what time and whether they can make any recommendations.

The most important thing is that you think creatively to make your winter wedding bouquets as stunning as possible.

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