Winter Wedding Themes

Out of all the winter wedding themes that we could suggest to you, there may only be one or two that you’re even remotely interested in. Most people have their own styles and tastes, and once you move out of a specific zone there is no way that a certain theme is going to be used.

That being said, the best thing we can do is provide you with a few ideas for your winter wedding so that you can decide for yourself. We’ve picked some of the most popular winter wedding themes, and , hopefully, you should be interested in at least one or two of them. These themes are:

Winter Wonderland

This is the most purely seasonal theme of the lot. It is also the most popular, because it’s very simple to do and also visually stunning if you get it right. You’ll be using mostly sheer white coloring and you can really get creative with the decorations.

Using snowflakes is a good idea, while snowmen are another popular choice. You can give your wedding that extra bit of sparkle by using crystals in the shape of icicles also. The winter wonderland can be topped off by a magnificent tiered wedding cake that pulls together all of the different aspects of the theme.


Another popular choice, and one which some people don’t even consider. If you’re getting married around the holiday period, why not make your wedding a little bit more unique by giving it a Christmas theme?

You can use more color than with a winter wonderland themed wedding, and there’s no end to the amount of flexibility you get as decorations can include parcels, candy canes, reindeer, etc.

This theme is especially great if you’re going to have a lot of children as guests, or you have your own children, and you want them to enjoy the day as much as you.

Valentine’s Day

A very romantic option but one that is hard to pull off with elegance. You’re going to be looking at deep reds and pinks, but try to avoid just plastering everything to do with your wedding in pink. It will end up lowering the tone of the wedding and ruining the romantic theme that you were going for. You can use depictions of cupid, glass hearts, and roses among other decorations.

New Years

Probably the least popular of the bunch, but definitely popular enough to deserve going on the list. Some people don’t want their wedding to be mixed in with the festivities of New Years, but it can give your wedding an extra special feeling. You might want to consider this theme if there’s a particular significance about the New Year for you or if you want to make your wedding a little more casual. _________________________________________________________________


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